Singing Online
It's a brave new normal for everyone, and I've spent much of my time since March 2020 building my skills in song leading online, through Zoom singing with established choirs that I was teaching in person before Covid-19 changed things for everyone. Since then I've been busy swapping experiences with other song leaders in NZ and overseas, and reinventing my work to operate from home leading singing for anyone who wants to put a song in their day, and sing along with others to make a virtual choir.
Choir at Home
If you'd like to experience community singing online, or don't feel comfy going back to singing 'in person' with your local choir just yet, I'm offering Zoom singing sessions on Friday afternoons (during school terms 4pm-5pm). Come along to learn and sing some easy, joyful songs to round off your week off. Join my special Choir at Home email list and I'll send you the link on Friday morning.
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The Welcome Home Choir
From October 2020 I'll be trialling an additional one-hour online singing session, from 3pm on Friday afternoons. This group is called The Welcome Home Choir, and is specifically designed to provide an enjoyable, inclusive singing experience for anyone who is in temporary self isolation, managed isolation, or quarantine. I'll be teaching songs that are carefully chosen to introduce you to the practice of online singing. You're welcome to join Choir at Home once you're finished your time in isolation, or, if you'd like to sing in a real live commuity choir there are many up and down the country, I can give you more details! I send the Zoom link out on Friday mornings to those who have registered for a place in this group.
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Cost of online sessions
I know that some people are finding things financially difficult right now, so if you can’t afford anything please accept this as a gift from me. If you’re able to pay, I operate an ‘honesty box’ system where you can elect how much you can afford, on a sliding scale up to $10 per session. Please see Zoom link email for details.
See you at singing!